A powerful voice and percussion; a dirty yet modern tenor sax sound with guitar effects; a hella groovy bass that says I’m here, and a melodious and fresh electronic xylophone, that's ÉMINA! Born in the island of Puerto Rico circa 2015. Ama Rios, Janice Maisonet, Angelica Kolsan, and Aniela Batres will bring you a "tour de force";
fusing jazz, hip-hop, afro-caribbean and electronic music, making it's dancing beats as unique as the lyrics behind their songs".

New Single Release


Friday, July 15, 2018. San Juan PR. Émina launches her newest Single "Realidad", which speaks of the experience of an artist who fails to adapt to the environment that surrounds her, referring sublime to the dark environment of the musical world. The song, composed by Ama Ríos and arranged by Émina musicians; Janice Maisonet, Alexandra Rivera & Ama Rios, was recorded in NYC under the magic of engineer and musician Danilo Pichardo while the group was on tour during the month of December 2017 along with other local bands from Puerto Rico, who joined forces as part of the rebirth of musical self-management after the passage of Hurricane Maria on the island. "Realidad" will be available on all popular digital music platforms among the public!  Enjoy it!